Weight Loss Surgery is a Journey.

We Have an App to Help You Along the Way.

Check out our My New Beginning App for iPhone and Android. Our app has been reviewed by healthcare professionals to ensure that it includes relevant features that are designed to help you manage your weight loss like a pro. My New Beginning weight loss app is convenient and easy to use, offering many helpful functions including:

  • Nutrition tracker – a simple way to track your intake of calories, carbs, proteins, fats and water.
  • Barcode scanner – allows you to scan barcodes on the foods you purchase, viewing their nutritional info on-the-go. You can even log it onto your online food journal right away.
  • Weight loss tracker – lets you log your weight loss daily so you can keep track of your progress easily.
  •  Photo features – lets you photograph your progress and show off your new body as you meet each goal.
  • Recipes – offers fresh, healthy recipes packed with flavor to keep your menus fresh and tasty.

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