Kay’s Weight-Loss Journey: A Favorite Leather Skirt Fits Again

“Nothing appealed to me. I was out of breath just walking up the stairs in my house. Every morning, it was a chore to get up. And certainly, clothes shopping was no fun.”

Kay’s Weight-LossKay, 67, started putting on weight in the 1970s after having her two children. At 5’4”, she weighed 213 pounds. She tried several diet programs on numerous occasions, but any success she had was short lived.

“Nothing ever really worked out. Like many women, I ate when I was happy, I ate when I was sad. And when you look at our family pictures, pudginess tends to run in the family, although that’s not an excuse.”

Although she had always loved the outdoors, the weight made Kay very sedentary. Instead of choosing something active, she would opt instead for a movie or crossword puzzle.

“Nothing appealed to me. I was out of breath just walking up the stairs in my house. Every morning it was a chore to get up. Because of my sleep apnea, I was as tired when I woke up as when I went to bed. And certainly, clothes shopping was no fun.”

After thinking about weight-loss surgery for at least a year, Kay came to My New Beginning at White Rock Medical Center.

“The moment I walked in and met the team, I just knew I was in the right place, that I was in good hands. I felt like I was at home. To them, I was a person, not just a number. I believe it was meant to be.”

Before surgery, the My New Beginning team encouraged Kay to attend the monthly support group where she was able to talk to people who already had surgery to learn from their experience. On November 9, 2016, Kay had her gastric sleeve procedure, and has since lost 30 pounds. As a result, her blood sugars have normalized, and she has been able to discontinue her medication for type 2 diabetes.

“The My New Beginning team prepared me as much as they could on the steps I would need to take, what to expect from surgery and after I came home from the hospital, what to eat, and how to eat. The entire team checked on me before and after surgery. They were so encouraging. They treat their patients like they are the reason the team got up and came to work in the morning.”

Kay retired several months before her surgery, and she and her husband enjoy walking the trails at White Rock Lake and going ballroom and country western dancing. “I feel more energetic about doing things now. It doesn’t feel like work.”

Kay describes an exciting time in her weight-loss journey. “I’ve been saving a black leather skirt that no longer fit. It has been in the back of my closet, but I refused to get rid of it. I loved that skirt and could never donate it. I tried it on six weeks ago, and it fit!”

“This has been a wonderful experience. There has not been one day that I regretted having the surgery. It’s almost unbelievable how professional and caring the entire My New Beginning team is.”

*This testimonial reflects actual results achieved by this patient. Naturally, each case is different and must be independently evaluated and managed. Weight-loss surgery is generally designed for those with a body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 40, or equal to or greater than 35 with serious co-morbidities. Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding with the Lap Band® is also FDA-approved for weight-loss surgery in people with a BMI of 30 to 35 who have at least one obesity-related condition. Weight-loss surgery is considered safe, but like many types of surgery, it does have risks. Consult with your physician about the risks and benefits of weight-loss surgery.

*Patient testimonials reflect results achieved by these patients. As each case must be independently evaluated and managed, actual weight loss will vary.

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