White Rock Medical Center Honors Paramedics for Lifesaving Care

White Rock Medical Center recently honored two paramedics from a local fire department whose care and immediate action saved a patient’s life. Mark Brenton celebrated his 60th birthday last week because of these very special people.

In May, Brenton and his wife Bonnie were at home when he suddenly collapsed, suffering a heart attack. Bonnie called 911 and, with the dispatcher’s coaching, began CPR while help was en route.

EMT-Paramedic Christopher Hernandez and EMT-Paramedic Tyler Zschiesche from the Garland Fire Department arrived shortly after receiving the call. Once on the scene, they began care in the home and continued to provide care on the way to White Rock’s emergency room.

Their actions would ultimately prove to save Brenton’s life.

For their service, immediate actions, and lifesaving role in the care of Brenton, White Rock honored both paramedics with the Life Saver Award. Joining the celebration were Brenton and his family.

White Rock Medical Center Honors Paramedics for Lifesaving Care

“When we have extraordinary care happen, we bestow the Life Saver Award to recognize the individuals responsible. Mark Brenton is able to walk, talk and celebrate his birthday with friends and family because of these paramedics’ skilled care and fast response,” said Crystal Conwell, RN, EMS liaison at the hospital.

“I thank you for allowing me to have my 60th birthday,” Brenton told the paramedics.

Brenton’s wife also was honored with a special Life Saver Award for her role in his care, providing CPR until the paramedics arrived.

Brenton’s care team included staff from across the hospital – emergency services, cath lab, surgery, rehab and others.

“The care that Mark received was A-plus from beginning to discharge. We’re thankful for the paramedics, the hospital team, Dr. Peter Frenkel, the ER team. Within 45 minutes of the time we arrived, he was in surgery. Thank you all for your service and quick response,” said Bonnie Brenton.