White Rock Employee Doesn’t Quit Helping When Shift Ends
On a warm day in June, Tony Cash, ED Tech II-EMT, had just ended his shift in the Emergency Department at White Rock Medical Center. He was heading down the road, about to make a quick stop at the store, just as any normal afternoon.

As he drove down the road, he glanced over and happened to see the unexpected sight of someone in need of medical attention. A man was down on his knees clutching his chest.

Cash instinctively turned the car around and stopped. “I could tell he was in distress,” he said.

The man was actually trying to walk to the Emergency Department, but overwhelmed by pain, couldn’t make it.

“I asked him what was going on, and he described extreme chest pain with a cardiac history,” he recalled.

Cash didn’t hesitate to help. “I put him in my truck and took him to the ED.”

The patient was admitted and later discharged after receiving needed medical treatment. Cash checked on him during his stay in the hospital, and they were able to greet and say thanks.

Cash has worked at White Rock for about four years and remains driven to help others.

“I could just see he needed help, and I was there and able,” Cash smiled.