Chest pain certification highlights care in Dallas
White Rock Medical Center has received a certificate of distinction in the management of chest pain from The Joint Commission. Granted in January, this award is based on a review of compliance with national standards, clinical guidelines and care outcomes.

Standards for the program include implementing evidence-based clinical practices, monitoring and analyzing performance measures, and staff education. White Rock Medical Center’s program includes widely shared education materials with goals and clinical practice guidelines, an improved metrics tracking system and regular review processes.

“There is much work behind the scenes, but in the end, the patient wins,” said Ronald Maninang, RN, quality analyst and chest pain coordinator. “The strategy is to ultimately improve care for patients who present with chest pain through increased staff and provider education and improving efficiencies in our processes.”

It’s also critically important to help potential patients understand that part of White Rock Medical Center’s distinction is the complete continuum of care, he added.

“When you have a heart attack, your heart should be rehabilitated. We look at how the heart is working after the MI and then develop a plan for cardiac rehab for each person. Care does not stop once the patient leaves the hospital,” he said.

Indeed, after discharge, patients are cared for at White Rock Medical Center’s rehabilitation program, accredited by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. The team educates about recovery and prevention, while also providing rehab services in coordination with the doctors overseeing each patient’s care.

“We not only provide rehab services, but we also educate and help build confidence. After a heart attack, often the patient is scared. We want them to safely go back to the life they were living and feel confident doing it. We also help teach how to prevent heart issues,” explained Cardiac Rehab Supervisor Lindsay Alidina, MS.