House Call Therapy

Heal in the comfort of your own home

Rehab Services

Now you can get outpatient rehabilitation services in your own home! Choose either in-person care at home or virtual appointments via video call with board-certified physical, occupational, and speech therapy providers.

Easy scheduling with convenient, in-app appointment scheduling and communication with licensed clinicians.

Physical therapy and wound/incision care

Pain relief

  • Therapies aim to reduce or manage pain allowing you to return to regular activities and improved quality of life.
  • We use a variety of techniques such as manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, integrative dry needling, among others.

Improve gait and balance

  • Fine tune movement abnormalities that can result in difficulty in walking or abnormal gait patterns.
  • We offer specialized balance and reaction strategy training that can significantly reduce risk for falls and subsequent injuries.

Restore mobility

  • Therapies, such as combined stretching and strengthening opposing musculature, can help counteract muscle imbalance.
  • Training and education for safe transfer techniques with you, your family, and caregivers in various settings and situations.

Occupational therapy and adaptive equipment training

  • Our evidence-based occupational therapy aims to return you to your normal daily routine whether returning to work, dressing, cooking, grocery shopping, driving or even driving playing an instrument.
  • We also offer adaptive equipment and technology training to meet your specific needs.
  • Occupational therapy helps improve motor skills (specifically in the arm and hands), oculomotor and visual skills, and functional cognitive skills.

Speech therapy and cognitive rehab

  • These therapies and interventions focus on improving cognition, memory strategies, vocal production, speech fluency, and swallowing skills through evidence-based research and practice.
  • Services also include facilitation of Modified Barium Swallow Studies in the home setting by physician referral.

Paying for your services

Our team will help you with insurance verification and authorization.

White Rock Medical Center offers house call therapy in partnership with Resilient Healthcare. The program is a hospital outpatient department of White Rock Medical Center.

Accordingly, you may receive invoices or explanation of benefits from White Rock Medical Center as well as the physicians and other providers who may see you or provide services to you.

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If you would like to schedule an appointment, for home-based or virtual physical therapy, please call 214-324-6000.


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