White Rock cardiac rehab continues to be nationally recognized

White Rock Medical Center’s Cardiac, Pulmonary & Vascular Rehabilitation Program has earned recertification from the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

The program is designed to help patients recover from medical problems related to the heart and lungs, such as a heart attack, coronary bypass and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The program offers medically supervised exercise, education about their medical conditions, as well as nutrition counseling, psychological and stress assessment and counseling and other support.

“This program is a way that we can continue to help our patients recover. Their care doesn’t stop once they leave the hospital after their medical event,” explained Cardiac Rehab Supervisor Lindsay Alidina, MS.

Accreditation, confirmed in January, requires extensive documentation of the program’s practices, review of adherence to standards and guidelines and review of patient outcomes.

“This certification is a seal of approval that we have best practices and safe care. It means that our patients are getting the best-in-class care,” explained Alidina.

To maintain its certification, White Rock must provide an annual report showing that requirements and practices documented during the certification review remain intact and the program continues to provide highest levels of care. Maintaining that certification also requires continuous review of patient outcomes to ensure the program continues to meet the highest standards of care.

“It’s a constant process, but it’s important because it ensures our program is aligned with best practices and that we’re achieving high quality care for all our patients,” Alidina said.

“Having a built-in process of continuous review is hard work, but ultimately, it’s what’s best for our patients. With the accreditation, patients know they will be provided effective, safe treatments and health education on an individualized basis for their conditions. Put simply, you can trust that we are providing the best care for our patients’ healing and long-term health,” she continued.

Alidina, who has been with White Rock for six years, serves as a reviewer for other sites seeking certification and recertification. “I really enjoy it because I learn from other programs and see best practices from around the country and study ways that we may be able to adapt them to our program,” she added.