Wearing jeans is serious business at White Rock Medical Center. That’s because jeans are how the staff help each other.

Wearing jeans is a now new fundraiser for the hospital’s Employee Assistance Program. Employees who are not working in clinical areas on the first, second and third Fridays of the month may wear jeans by contributing $5 to the Employee Assistance Program.

Previously called the Helping Hand Funds, the program has existed for several years. Now called the Employee Assistance Program, it helps to provide financial support to employees faced with a crisis situation, such as a fire, major injury or other emergency need. Employees who have been employed for at least six months can apply, and the request will be reviewed and awarded on a case-by-case basis by a committee of White Rock leaders.

Jeans Fridays Serve an Important Purpose

The new weekly “Jeans Friday” fundraiser will create more fundraising opportunities that will help build up funds for the program, according to Kris Kort, HR manager.

“We have employees who are in need, and this is a way we can help them,” added Matt Roberts, CEO. “If someone needs help, we want to be there to support them. This jeans fundraiser on Fridays makes it easy to help each other.”

In the past, the White Rock team has raised funds through various activities ranging from a baking contest to jeans on holidays and other special events. During Hospital Week last May, a $5 donation gave three chances to plunge leaders in a dunking booth. At that event alone, approximately $300 was raised for the assistance program.

“Jeans Fridays is a fun way to generate donations and raise awareness about our employee assistance program. Knowing that our donations will help our own White Rock family members when they are in need is very heart-warming. And hey – who doesn’t love wearing jeans?” added Laura Wahl, bariatric service line senior manager.

Jan. 18, 2023